Methods To Delusion

by Scalpel

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Official Release 7/25/2017
Scalpel's crushing 4th release should be enough to evacuate your bowel.


released July 25, 2017

METHODS TO DELUSION was engineered by Colin Marston at Thousand Caves studios

All music produced by Scalpel
All music and lyrics written by Manny Egbert, Taylor Brennan and Chip Fay

Album artwork by Jamie Cross
Album insert layout by Bobby Thibedeau

Taylor Brennan - Guitars and Vocals
Manny Egbert - Guitars and Vocals
Chip Fay - Drums
Poh Hok - Bass



all rights reserved


Scalpel Boston, Massachusetts

Death Metal is a visceral art that is dependent upon the extreme dedication of its loyal fans. We have no other purpose but to deliver a version of this art to those same fans like us, whose lives have been claimed by the likes of Suffocation, Carcass, and Death. It is in this vein that we construct our own brutal dirges, devoid of genre restriction and eager to explore the darker realms of music. ... more

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Track Name: The Cleaner
Cloaked in night
He comes to
Erase the deed
Master of disposal
The Cleaner

He moves without the shackles of time
He will leave no traces
He will leave no signs
Polishing the canvas you have chosen to create
His bleach stained hands are the masters of your fate

Let him work
He will follow through
And if you are not true
He will clean you too

Dressed in dark
The living ghost
Among you now
Feel his cold
Smell his breath
He makes no sound

Cloaked in night
He comes to
Erase the deed
Track Name: Labors of Loathing
The hatred of antiquity
Of all sentient life; of the the scat of the Earth
I discipline myself to
The Labors of my Loathing

Toiling toward doom and God
Beyond all, beyond all
To commit Labors of
Loathing I, do commit

In cruelty, my task sprawl before me
In cruelty, I transform creation
And so I loathe

My action is my reason and with each and every swing,
My hammer breeds its purpose
Slipping into a maddening state
Hallucinating orders from beyond

Severing the spines of my foes
Slave to the voice of my being

Calling me to carry my sledge
The puddles I make will be of their flesh

Grinning inside to be what I am
Glorified, my Labors of Loathing
Track Name: The Stink
Traveling through the atmosphere
Unholiest of odors
Punishing the senses

Watch as it approaches
Leaving rotten mass of corpses
Fill your lungs as you embrace your death

Pungent scent of shits
Infecting your body
Gasping, your systems regurgitate

Behold! The Stink
Sodomy of the nose
Behold! The Stink
Penetrating all holes

Running from its horror
Silent, but foul
A single breath will cause instant releasing of the bowel

Bleeding from the nostrils and vomiting ensues
Falling to your knees for the Stink to enter you

Wrenching, gagging on stomach contents
Burning lungs melt to slop
Purging violated organs,
The worst is yet to come


Neurons intoxicated
Crippling hallucinations begin
Muscles tensing, enter the grotto of your mind
Awaken to reality
Body intact

Symptoms of the reek, ingested
Do not be fooled by this moment of clarity
For with the Stink
...comes a certain death
Track Name: Feeding the Worm
It defecates its own organs
Only to consume
Dreading the cycle
Only to consume them and live again

Feeding the Worm

Feeding, feeding
Feeding the worm to achieve the endless gluttony
It feeds, it feeds
Gorging on the bones of
Time and time again the worm must be revived
To eat itself before it dies
Feeding, feeding
Procreate the recurring horror
Recycling the conscious moment
Are you locked in a dream of nightmares obscene
Or just chasing the end to begin again?

And if you feed
Your eyes will perceive
No more than the worm
Would want you to see
Feeding, feeding

It has crafted ways to travel through the folds of time
To devour all conscious life
Eat unto itself
By itself and through itself
Within itself molting its shell
Feeding the worm
Feeding, feeding, feeding the worm
Feeding the worm
Feeding, feeding, feeding the worm
Track Name: Methods to Delusion
Injected into the eyes
The poison truths of life
Swelling the ties that bind

Estranged from lucid thought
Drilling into the occipital lobe
Tripping in constant terror
Conceived by the liquid as it flows into your veins
Seizing and sputtling, you fight to reach the peak
Swallowing the light as you become insane
Suffering the tolls of expanded consciousness,
Wandering the collapsing neural columns of your mind
The void
Between fear and death

In time, the mortal coil unwinds
Inside your melting mind
Savage practices devised
To scramble the human brain
Burning philter of confusion,
Reality in disarray
Use Methods to Delude
Crippling the sensory

Give to meaning to
No idea
Track Name: The Woodsman Part II
A savant of my hellish craft
Removing all feet
Nail them to my wall

In pathless foliage I sharpen the blades
Upon a stone on which I perch

Waiting for movement
Drooling at the thought of removing limbs

Trudging through the forest
With human skulls as shoes

Lord of wilderness
The Woodsman wears a crown of toes

Defiling all creatures by traumatic insemination
Breaking their bones to collect their appendages

Immune to the smell of decay and excrement
Captivated by the beauty of his spoils

Building rooms of death
Inside forgotten caves
Hidden the rot
Savoring his prey

Track Name: Brooding in the Gloom
Hibernating, it lies in wait
And calculates voids

Insufflating the ashes of the past
Diminishing the will of humans

Dead things congregate in the devil's womb
Soon to be exhumed, Brooding in the Gloom

Sleeping in abscesses, stewing in dank pools
Cooking in cosmic waste and contemplating darkness

Breath arise in thee
Carnal knowledge of the end
Dim shadow heaves
Extinguishing life-force

To live it must destroy


Brooding in the Gloom
It's aura will consume
Striving to create
An eternity of hate

Brooding in the Gloom
It's aura will consume
Striving to create
An eternity of hate
Track Name: Lung Butter
The habit of consumption, destroying the brain
Masking a world of human pain
The body will warn you in a very special way
Lung Butter begins your day
Rising from the depths of esophogal decay
Suffocating, choking, burning, gagging, burping,
Your face in the sink
Endless upheaval
String between your teeth

Expelled from the once fresh vacuoles - the yellow goop
Doomed to a life of bloody coughs
Leaking from your jowels
Vomiting the bits of your demise

Lung Butter
Inside my lungs
Lung Butter
From poison years

Replace oxygen with smoke
Extricating mucus from the host
Sucking back the milky fog
Your throat is home to slimy rocks
Appalled by the strange hue of your snot
Your mind denies life as you rot
Paying the tokens of your time here on Earth
It won't be long until your flesh turns to dirt
Choking, Burning, Gagging, Lung Butter the enemy within

The sludge inside of you
Forged by the gravity of your choices
Accept the consequences
Track Name: Intensified Festering
A chamber of lobes
Gathering the thoughts of corpses
Through the gaseous air looms



Accessing rotten voids of my dreams
Engulfing self in putrified ecstacy

Smeared onto the slab, my sanguine altar
Spilling my fluids to empty my soul

Seasoning meat, a meal of worth
For the imprisoned soulless vessels

Hidden beneath the door below the carpet
There they shall ferment until I have need
Until I have need

Drenched in my blood, gulping the plasma
Matching our liquids before I depart

Sharing the wine of our lives